Pilot Light Producers Diary

Catrin Fflur Huws and Roger Boyle at work

Catrin Fflur Huws and Roger Boyle at work

The last 40 hours have certainly been interesting.
I’ve been musing a little on my role within this project.
Yes I’m producing it but the title producer seems a little inaccurate.

My business card says Executive Producer
but that is largely a title I aspire. One day I’ll be an executive producer but not quite there yet!

For this project I have largely thrown a group of creative together, given them a framework of responding to art, space and environment, provided digital media equipment to record in film and sound the process and the performances and then mainly I’ve let the play.

Creative play coordinator might be apt. Curator might me possible too but then I’m within an art environment so it feels strange to call myself curator when I’m standing next to actual curators.

I kicked off the project with a creative writing exercise to get people thinking about how to respond to art, space and environment. I have encouraged people to sit in the space, to take time to think and feel and respond to the space, I have encouraged people to go off and put space between themselves and the Gas Gallery. I have observed, encouraged, resolved technical issues. I have run around on errands, been a fixer finding equipment, posted things on digital media, documented, steered, cajoled, reassured. I’ve made coffee, carried things, moved things, collected canvases, dug up soil from my garden, interviewed, shaped. I have puzzled, pondered, mused. I have cleaned, tidied, made wires safe. I have locked myself in a cupboard with Roger Boyle and locked Sean Langton in a cupboard with Roger Boyle. I have typed up scripts. I have written programmes. I have sought permission to fill a window with charcoal.

Largely I have said yes. When people suggested something I have said yes, go for it. I have had faith in people’s creative abilities to produce ideas. I have allowed those ideas to grow. I have had faith that people’s instincts are correct. It’s a response project so it’s my job to nurture responses.

Mainly I’ve just been there and let people get on with it.

So yes not really sure what you’d call it.


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