Response Time Artes Mundi 6 Turner House Gallery

We would like to invite you to come along on Thursday 11th December for a lunchtime performance at Turner House Gallery 1.05PM for the latest Response Time project.

What is Response Time?
Response Time is a performed response to art, space and environment working in art galleries and spaces that exhibit art. It began at the Gas Gallery in Aberystwyth and has since produced responses to Tim Shaw’s Black Smoke Rising at Aberystwyth Arts Centre and the Artes Mundi 6 at National Museum Wales.

Response Time challenges multi-disciplinary and cross art-form performance makers to respond to art in the form of live or digital performance in 48 hours. The focus on the project is providing young and emerging artists the opportunity to develop their performance skills and their practice alongside more experienced performance makers in a supportive and creative framework.

What will the performance be like?
Response Time is difficult to predict, we literally never know what is going to happen, with the individual pieces – it could be poetry or a play, it could be dance or physical theatre, it could comic or it could be devastatingly sad. We often have a visual artist decide to write text or a playwright decide to do an entirely physical piece. Then as we curate it together into a performance, most of the time it is a mixture of everything along with a few things that defy definition, sometimes words dominate sometimes there is an glaring emptiness of words.

We have just 48 hours to respond and to form that response into a performance so we can guarantee it will be immediate, raw and authentic,  and it will worthwhile. We can offer you the chance to see art and see art through the eyes of a collective of performance makers who may well go off in all sorts of random directions which is what makes this project very unique. We can promise you that a visit to a gallery will never be the same again after you have experienced a Response Time.

It is very informal – we have just 48 hours to put this together so we are sharing work that may well have been written five minutes before we start.

Who is doing it?
Participating artists include James Baker, Caroline Stockford, Hayley Addis, Sandra Bendelow, Cet Haf, Petra Aydin Barberini and Mar Shro Gora. Though we quite often grab a few extra people along the 48 hours and occasionally lose a few too. It is very easy to get lost in galleries!

This lunchtime performance will also include performances from the Third Age Critics.

What’s next for Response Time?
On February 14th Response Time will be responding to an exhibition of Shani Rhys James automatons at Ceredigion Museum Gallery. If you are interested in being involved in Response Time then contact


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