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We are having a party with Cassandra and you are all invited

Image by Keith Morris

Image by Keith Morris

Response Time will be returning this weekend with it’s unique form of performed response to art, space and environment with a response to Cassandra’s Rant by Shani Rhys James at Ceredigion Musuem.

So what exactly is unique about it and what is a performed response you might ask. Two very good questions!

Response Time is a collective of artists and performance makers from varying disciplines of performance including dance, performance art, playwrights, physical theatre, poetry. They are given 48 hours to respond to an exhibition – responding to the art, space and environment.

The project started at the Gas Gallery in Aberystwyth where responses included Transitions, Beneath The Surface, Open Space and Adleisio which have included exhibitions by Annie Suganami, Catrin Webster and artists from Aberystwyth Printmakers. At Aberystwyth Arts Centre we responded to Tim Shaw’s Black Smoke Rising and we responded to Artes Mundi 6 at both National Museum Wales and the Ffoto Gallery in Penarth.
exhibition shaniThe participants spend 48 hours in the gallery and are asked to create a short piece of work which we then collectively curate into about an hour of performance. The audience are invited along at the end and follow us through a promenade performance of the pieces. The 48 hours demands an immediate response – there is no time to think too much about it. Participants have to formulate their initial responses, their gut reactions to the work because there is simply not enough time to do anything else.

There are no restrictions on the work that participants create – we simply ask that it is a response to the art. It allows the participants a freedom to explore their own work and practice through the stimulus of art, space and environment. Effectively they can leave whatever project they are working on, and ideas about how they normally work at the door and enter a space for 48 hours in which they can play. Very importantly it offers the chance to gain valuable and rare performance experience. Everyone knows it is a piece of work created in 48 hours and so it will not be polished, it will probably not be complete, and so the participants can also simply enjoy sharing the work with an audience.

Also importantly we respect the work and the artist – we have spent 48 hours with the work, we have lived with it for two days, we have probably seen things that a quick visit to a gallery will not offer, we have looked at it from different angles, we have challenged our own thoughts on it, and interrogated our thoughts on it, it has haunted our dreams and kept us from sleeping. We will through the 48 hours fall in love with, fall out of love with it and then fallen back in love with it – and occasionally sworn revenge on it.

We have declared on several points through the 48 hours that we are simply not worthy of the art, we have become intimidated by the hours, days and weeks the artist has taken on each piece and been overwhelmed by the thought of how we can possibly express something worthy of what the artist has put into the work.

Also though we have had fun, been part of a great and growing collective, we have had a space to play, a space to talk, a space to chat about what is bothering us about our work and the world. We have shared 48 hours of magical moments and we’ve opened up our hearts to the art and the artist and we’ve been brave enough to share our thoughts and ideas to an audience.

Shani Rhys JamesTomorrow we will begin that journey with Cassandra’s Rant an exhibition of Shani Rhys James automata at Ceredigion Musuem – we will be sharing the work as part of the official opening of the exhibition on Saturday 14th February at 12PM. Come along, see the exhibition and see what we have created. We will probably look tired but we will be really pleased to share what we have created with you.

If you would like to take a look at what we get up to through the 48 hours then do call into the museum during the next two days – or follow us on www.facebook.com/scriptographyproductons or @scriptography

If you would like more information on the project then contact us at scriptographyproductions@gmail.com


Open Space – Sunday 12th January

Response Time Open Space WOn Sunday 12th January audiences are invited to the Gas Gallery, Aberystwyth to a new performance of work created during a 48 hour challenge to produce performed responses to art currently on exhibition at the gallery.

Response Time is an on-going project which is responding to all exhibitions at the newly opened gallery. Performance makers participating are from a wide range of disciplines including theatre, storytelling, performance art and physical theatre. Each project is guided through the weekend by the producer Sandra Bendelow and by a guest curator who takes on the task of piecing together all the different responses into a seamless performance – this weekend’s project will be curated by Vivian Ezugha a student at Aberystwyth University’s School of Art.

The project mixes experienced performance makers with students from Coleg Ceredigion and Aberystwyth University and performers and writers from the community. The project focuses on allowing young and emerging artists to develop their work and performance skills in a supportive and friendly environment and offers audiences the chance to experience the art, space and environment through the eyes of these young and emerging artists.

Sandra Bendelow who produces the project for local company Scriptography Productions said, “This is the fourth response project at the Gallery and promises to be the most exciting project yet in response to the current OPEN exhibition which features over 60 works of art by 50 artists from Ceredigion. This really has been an amazing project, each time the space not only looks different as one would expect but it is a completely different creative environment. It’s a really exciting place to be for the weekend and the energy and passion everyone has for the project and the Gas Gallery means it becomes a creative hub. Though we never have any idea what will be produced – past ones have had a dancing girl trapped in a cupboard, an OCD tortoise, people have escaped from the art and become trapped in the art, a human glitter-ball! – we can promise audiences a fun evening of surprises, laughs and they will go away thinking about art a little differently,”

Performances are on Sunday 12th January 6PM and 8PM £5 (£3).

Response Time: Beneath the Surface

response time beneath the surface 11112013 WScriptography Productions will be hosting its third 48 hour challenge to performance makers to respond to art, space and environment at the Gas Gallery Aberystwyth 22nd -24th November.

Performance makers will be asked to respond to the art of Catrin Webster and Karen Robbie currently on exhibition until 17th December.

So far the challenges have produced an amazingly eclectic mix of short plays, installation, immersive performance, performance art, film, poetry, movement, physical theatre, audio, storytelling and dance.

We will be sharing the work produced with audiences on Sunday 24th November for two performances at 6PM and 8PM. Tickets £5 (£3).

The Gas Gallery is also open to the public during the weekend Saturday 11 – 5 and Sunday 11 – 2. Please feel free to call in and see the work being developed for Response Time and the current exhibitions.

If you would like more information or are interested in participating in a future Response Time challenge contact scriptographyproductions@gmail.com

Follow the weekend at www.facebook.com/scriptographyproductions and @scriptography


Transitions – New work and new friends

Vivian Ezugha responding to Flicker by Ben Partridge. Image by Keith Morris

Vivian Ezugha responding to Flicker by Ben Partridge. Image by Keith Morris

During the weekend of 23rd – 25th October  the second Response project took place at the Gas Gallery in Aberystwyth. 18 participants arrived at 5PM on the Friday and were given
48 hours to produce a performed response
to the Transitions and Collaborations exhibitions at the Gas Gallery, the space
and the environment around the Gas Gallery.

The weekend saw a flurry of creative conversations – earnest conversations, supportive conversations, reassuring conversations – from them emerged friendships and new creative collaborations both equally important. Words floated in the air, were strewn around the gallery and written in a notebook on the staircase.

There was lots of noise – engineered noise to make a soundscape for a movement piece, a lyre, music, singing and laughter. New art was created and the art in the gallery was re-projected, using the reflection of an i-phone, into different spaces. Some art was re-projected onto other art and some art was hidden from prying eyes. We again opened up spaces not used before in the gallery and once again we locked a man in a cupboard but also we locked a dancing girl in a cupboard and abandoned her to dance forever.

It was interesting to see which art and spaces proved inspirational for the participants, Dance or Constanza and  Untitled by Jo Hounsome featured in more than one, interestingly more people chose to respond to the gallery spaces, the dark night and story weather became a feature of many of the works.

Beyond the beginnings of art and theatre which emerged, as with Pilot light, the most exciting part of the Transitions weekend was to see the impact on young, emerging artists seeing them present work to the public for the first time, seeing them gain confidence in their artistic practices, seeing them try out new ways of working and seeing them form new partnerships and collaborations all of which will grow and strengthen beyond the creative excitement of creating work within 48 hours.

The next performed response project Response Time: Beneath the Surface will take place Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th November. Beneath the Surface will be responding to two exhibitions Catrin Webster – Along the Surface and Karen Robbie – A Personal Adventure.  The work will be shared with audiences for two performances on Sunday 24th November 6PM and 8PM. Please also feel free to call in during Gallery open hours Saturday 23rd November 11am – 5pm.

Information on the exhibitions and the Gas Gallery is available at the Celf Ceredigion Art website.

If you are interested in participating contact scriptographyproductions@gmail.com .

Programme of work at Response Time: Transitions

responding exercise1. Written by Sandra Bendelow, Performed by James Baker and Holly Payne-Strange, Directed by Holly Payne-Strange—Responding to Aria Light by Stephen Chilton and Transformations by Rebecca Backshall

2. Vivien Chinas Ezugha—Responding to Flicker by Ben Partridge

3. James Baker — Responding to The Red Lady by Gini Wade.

4. Edel O’Reilly and Ali Matthews —Responding to Dance for Constanza by Wuon Gean Ho

5. Sara Annwyl – Responding to Untitled by Jo Hounsome, Salome by Marcelle Hanselaar, Avatar by Chris Webster

6. Hannah Pullen—Responding to Dance for Constanza by Wuon Gean Ho.

7. Written and performed by Roger Boyle.

8. Written by Catrin Fflur Huws , Performed by James Bakes, Catrin Fflur Huws and Holly Payne-Strange, Directed by Holly Payne-Strange—Responding to Aber Prom by Kim James Williams

9. Hayley Addis—Responding to Ystwyth Garage by Pete Monaghan, Transformations by Rebecca Backshall and Aria Light by Stephen Chilton

10. Naomi Heath responding to Untitled by Jo Hounsome and the staircase

11. Ruth Hogg—responding to This I Know by Kathryn Polk

William Bock process12. Rebecca Louise Collins and William Bock – responding to the upstairs gallery

Thanks to Kim James-Williams for participating in the performance with her live drawing

Response Time: Transitions curated by Branwen Davies

Films created and edited by Ian Smyth. Film production for the Response Time project by Trebuchet Film Productions

Sound for  Hannah Pullen, Roger Boyle and Sara Annwyl by Nick Jones

Response Time is produced by Sandra Bendelow for Scriptography Productions

The next Response Time will take place on Sunday 24th November in the Gas Gallery.

Scriptography Productions will be hosting a Crash Test scratch night of text-based work in development on Thursday 31st October at the Boat Club 7.30PM

With thanks to Celf Ceredigion Art

Response Time: Transitions – introducing the responders Naomi Heath

naomi Heath 2Naomi Heath. Multi-disciplined media artist . I am interested in the role of obsolete technology and mediums, digital nostalgia and archiving processes. I create videos, destroying code with words.
Rewinding my own lost humanity through the tactile and organic world.  I make with photography, sound art, artefacts, movement, borrowed stories and video.

“I am interested in this response project because I wish to look at how we archive performance and inter-collaboration. I wish to document and then archive the process using film and then destroy it, leaving only a trail of narration behind for someone else to use.”


Performances of Response Time: Transitions are Sunday 27th October 5.30PM, 7PM and 8.30PM at the Gas Gallery, Aberystwyth, Park Avenue. www.facebook.com/celfceredigionart

Response Time: Transitions – introducing the responders William Bock

William Bock Meeting III 2013 150 x 200 cm Pinhole Photograph

William Bock Meeting III 2013 150 x 200 cm Pinhole Photograph

William Bock lives and works in London and this year graduated with a Masters in Fine Art at City and Guilds of London Art School. His practice crosses disciplines of performance, scenography, painting, photography and video.

William’s work seeks to capture the ephemeral as a physical experience. He transforms everyday objects and spaces into cameras to document intimate moments, biographical worlds or encounters with others. Eggs, boxes and even rooms are turned into dark chambers with a rudimentary pinhole as aperture. Through this process the dark chamber becomes the medium between the event and the resultant image. The phantasmagoria of nineteenth century photography and the visual language found in his ancestral family photographs are foundations from which he construct new images that interrogate concepts of genealogy, memory and time.


“Rebecca Louis Collins and I talked all year about making some work together. When we heard about Response Time: Transitions at the Gas Gallery it seemed the perfect opportunity for us to collaborate again in unfamiliar territory. Having recently finished my MA in London, I will relish this focused time frame to experiment with ideas I have been developing in a new space and context.”