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Crash Test scratch night

Scriptography Productions is very pleased to be hosting the latest Crash Test scratch night at Aberystwyth Boat Club Bar on Thursday 25th September 7.45PM

Crash Test scratch night offers a perfectly informal and fun environment which encourages writers new to writing for performance and more experienced writers to share work in its earliest stages of development. As well as providing an opportunity for Aberystwyth Arts Centre’s Writing for Performance Group to stage work at this bi-monthly event, Crash Test has also begun to attract writers from other areas such as comedy,  performance poetry and spoken word.

There is an Open part of the evening which is open to anyone to share their writing or performance.

The evening will be MC’d by James Baker with his usual incomparable and indescribable mix of comedy, writing, performance and occasionally dance!

If you are interested in taking part in this or future scratch nights contact scriptographyproductions@gmail.com or pop along and say hello.



March – it’s a little busy!

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????March is going to be a very busy month at Scriptography Productions. First we kick off with Grave Men Near Death at Aberystwyth Arts Centre (Wednesday 12th and Thursday 13th March), then straight into Response Time: Journeys at the Gas Gallery (Sunday 16th March) and then we see the month out with a Crash Test scratch night on 27th March.

Grave Men Near Death is a new play by Terry Bailey, who runs the MA Screenwriting course at Aberystwyth University. The play was developed as part of Playpen, an Aberystwyth Arts Centre’s  Writing for Performance Group project, short plays on any subject. Grave Men Near Death was a perfect short play and when Terry admitted he had ideas for other scenes and characters I have to admit I was sceptical. Plays are the length they need to be because – that’s it. When writers ask me about play length I always say it will be the length it needs to be. Let’s face it we’ve all sat through plays that needed a good edit or plays that felt empty as though there were some missing scenes drifting around somewhere in the ether.

I read the new version of Grave Men Near Death  sceptical and expecting to see a fifteen minute play dragged out. But it wasn’t, interestingly the original play was there largely intact but around it were wonderful new scenes and characters which added more depth and layers, it had the heart it started with but it had got bigger and better.

As I watched a rehearsal the other day, and did what I always do – watch the writer watching their play – I was as always thrilled to see his delight in watching his work come to life. In a time when we’re constantly being told that new writing is dead, that new writing isn’t worth supporting or prioritising and in a time when there are so few companies in Wales producing work with a new piece of writing at it’s heart – I can’t help but wonder why companies wouldn’t want such an amazing experience of bringing new work by a writer to life, I can assure everyone bringing a new play into the world is magical.

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??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Then finally for this month anyway – Crash Test – a scratch night for work in development – Thursday 27th March. A very informal environment perfectly suited to the living-room like feeling at the Aberystwyth Boat Club Bar. Again there are no rules – if it involves words then I’m happy for it to be shared. This about testing work out with an audience, about writers hearing their words beyond reading them aloud to themselves (I am still constantly astonished by the number of writers who don’t do that). Crash Test is a good name for it – it is about throwing things out there and seeing what crashes and what delights. It’s used as a testing ground for the Writing for Performance Group but also by other writers to test out work sometimes performed by themselves, sometimes performed by others. We provide performers if needed. It is a chance for writers to get used to sharing their work – something that can hinder and hold back so many writers from getting their work out there. It is open to all, again I am not interested in defining things – spoken work, poetry, plays, storytelling, stand-up – if it has words in it we can Crash Test it.

So that’s my March – please do come along and see what we get up to. None of these things are possible without audiences. None of us are writing for ourselves, we are all writing because we want an audience to hear our work, and be engaged by it and be excited by it – no matter how it is created, no matter what style it is created in, no matter what discipline or platform so please do come along and see work in it’s many different forms and most importantly have fun following us on our journey as writers and creators.

Sandra Bendelow

Crash Test, Thursday 23rd January, Aberystwyth Boat Club Bar

Crash Test January WCrash Test returns on Thursday 23rd January at Aberystwyth Boat Club Bar with it’s usual mix of plays, performance text, storytelling and comedy.

Crash Test has now been taking place for over two years, it has moved around a little from the RAFA club to Boulders Cafe, Borth and now has found a home at Aberystwyth Boat Club Bar. It is a pub-based evening because it aims for an informal and fun sharing of work in development. We aim to make new and inexperienced writers feel comfortable to share their words. It is not a stage – it’s the bit before the stage. We want the writers to feel as though they’re sharing their work with friends in their living room – though the friends are people they have only just met that night and the living room has a bar in the corner.

We also want the audience to feel the excitement and fun of being involved in the very early stages of work. It’s always text-based work – well almost always. There are no rules for inclusion or exclusion – if someone asks to show work and it has words in it then they can be included. Though we’ve also had a few things which didn’t have words!

The heart of the Crash Test night is Aberystwyth Arts Centre’s Writing for Performance Group. Though the group do have showcases of script-in-hand work in development which take place regularly at Aberystwyth Arts Centre. The Crash Test night allows beginners to try out their plays in front of an audience at a much earlier stage of development – it also allows writers with a little more experience to test out work. In essence it allows writers to play, to make mistakes, to test.

We’re very proud of Crash Test – previous evenings have seen Julie Grady Thomas perform stand-up for the first time, James Baker saw a play he’d written be performed in front of an audience for the very first time. Lots of first times.

This Thursday we have more firsts with writers sharing work for the very first time with an audience. We’ll have new pieces from more experienced writers. To be honest we usually don’t really know what we’ll have until the night. That’s the fun of it.

We have an open slot too so if you fancy turning up and giving it a go then feel free.

Come along to Aberystwyth Boat Club Bar on Thursday 23rd January at 7.30PM. It’s £5 admission and £3 concessions. And it’s free for participants.

Programme of work at Response Time: Transitions

responding exercise1. Written by Sandra Bendelow, Performed by James Baker and Holly Payne-Strange, Directed by Holly Payne-Strange—Responding to Aria Light by Stephen Chilton and Transformations by Rebecca Backshall

2. Vivien Chinas Ezugha—Responding to Flicker by Ben Partridge

3. James Baker — Responding to The Red Lady by Gini Wade.

4. Edel O’Reilly and Ali Matthews —Responding to Dance for Constanza by Wuon Gean Ho

5. Sara Annwyl – Responding to Untitled by Jo Hounsome, Salome by Marcelle Hanselaar, Avatar by Chris Webster

6. Hannah Pullen—Responding to Dance for Constanza by Wuon Gean Ho.

7. Written and performed by Roger Boyle.

8. Written by Catrin Fflur Huws , Performed by James Bakes, Catrin Fflur Huws and Holly Payne-Strange, Directed by Holly Payne-Strange—Responding to Aber Prom by Kim James Williams

9. Hayley Addis—Responding to Ystwyth Garage by Pete Monaghan, Transformations by Rebecca Backshall and Aria Light by Stephen Chilton

10. Naomi Heath responding to Untitled by Jo Hounsome and the staircase

11. Ruth Hogg—responding to This I Know by Kathryn Polk

William Bock process12. Rebecca Louise Collins and William Bock – responding to the upstairs gallery

Thanks to Kim James-Williams for participating in the performance with her live drawing

Response Time: Transitions curated by Branwen Davies

Films created and edited by Ian Smyth. Film production for the Response Time project by Trebuchet Film Productions

Sound for  Hannah Pullen, Roger Boyle and Sara Annwyl by Nick Jones

Response Time is produced by Sandra Bendelow for Scriptography Productions

The next Response Time will take place on Sunday 24th November in the Gas Gallery.

Scriptography Productions will be hosting a Crash Test scratch night of text-based work in development on Thursday 31st October at the Boat Club 7.30PM

With thanks to Celf Ceredigion Art

Crash Test Scratch Night Thursday 31st October

CrashTOct2013 CROPPEDOn Thursday 31st October 7.30PM – at the Boat Club, Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth, SY23 2BX – Scriptography Productions will be hosting another Crash Test scratch night of work in development.  Bringing you the usual mixture of new writing, performance, comedy and community theatre in a friendly, informal and supportive environment.

What is a scratch night? A scratch night is a sharing of work-in-progress. It offers the chance to share in the development process of performance and offers those sharing work to test out their work with an audience.

If you are interested in ‘scratching’ work-in-progress at this or a future Crash Test contact

Images of previous Crash Test nights are available at here


Crash Test Thursday 27th June 7.30

Crash TestCrash Test scratch night for work-in-progress returns this month on Thursday 27th June. As it’s the summer (and we’re even getting sunny weather) we’ve moved the night to Boulders Arts & Craft Cafe/Bar in Borth (above the Nisa Store) so that you can enjoy performances being tested out in front of an audience for a first time and the amazing sunsets.

The usual eclectic mix of work will be featured including a new short play Butler from James Baker, a short play The Interview written  by Dean Scott, Julie Grady Thomas and Tracey Goddard, a comedy TV script Mr Thompsons Funeral from Catrin Fflur Huws, new work from Daniel Rebbeck, a short excerpt of Bespoke Overcoat from Louche Theatre, a black comedy play Two Way by Julie Grady Thomas, storytelling from Peter Stevenson & MIlly Jackdaw, a comedy sketch The Observors Book of Big Important Statues from Roger Boyle,  a political comedy Managed Decline from Tony Jones and new stand-up comedy from Julie Grady Thomas.

We also have Mother’s Ruin – brother-sister duo performing a range of original music in both Welsh and English with a Jazz/Reggae/Soul feel to provide music for the end of the evening.

Doors Open at 7.30pm £4 (£3 concessions)

If you would like to present work at a future Crash Test scratch night then contact scriptographyproductons@gmail.com

At the last Crash Test audio drama from EarCandy the latest project from Aberystwyth Arts Centre’s Writing for Performance Group was tested in front of an audience. You can now listen to these plays at the EarCandy website

Crash Test Thursday 21st March 9pm

Julie Grady-Thomas performs stand-up for the first time at Crash Test in November 2012

Julie Grady-Thomas performs stand-up for the first time at Crash Test in November 2012

We’re really pleased to be hosting the second Crash Test scratch night on Thursday 21st March, 9pm at the RAFA club, Bridge St, Aberystwyth.

Crash Test offers the chance for writers, performers, artists, companies to share work in progress in a supportive and friendly environment.

It will include
-short audio plays from Aber Arts Centre’s Writing for Performance Group,
-a performance by writer, performer, storyteller Milly Jackdaw,
Louche Theatre presenting an excerpt from their next play Lillies on the Land,
-comedy sketches,
-an interactive performance experience designed by artist Ruth Hogg
-comedy from Crash Test’s resident comedians and hosts Tony Jones and Julie Grady-Thomas.

And of course Bingo!

Thursday 21st March 9pm
RAFA club, Bridge St, Aberystwyth

Tickets £5 (£3 concessions) Tickets available at the door.
Further information or if you are interested in participating in a future Crash Test contact Sandra Bendelow scriptographyproductions@gmail.com

Follow the latest news about Crash Test @scriptography #crashtestaber