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Introducing our Curator for Response Time: Journeys – Lara Ward

response time journeys_posterWLara Ward will be curating this weekend’s Response Time: Journeys at the Gas Gallery. Though the weekend performance makers from all disciplines will be developing work in response to the art, space and environment at the Gas Gallery. The current exhibitions are Response to Place from Sculpture Cymru in the Downstairs Gallery and Barbara Matthews: Hidden Depths in the Upstairs Gallery. Audience will be invited to come along and view the hour long performance produced on Sunday 16th March at 6PM and 8PM.

Lara Ward is a performer and maker, who works collaboratively to devise movement, character and text for theatre, film, installation and site-specific performance. She has worked with many Wales based devising companies and independent artists. She has been a regular with Earthfall for five years and is currently devising for Chelsea Hotel, which tours in Spring 2013. As a choreographer, she has conceived, directed and edited a short dance film ‘Paper State’, exploring the ritual of waiting, which screened at Chapter Arts Centre in 2010, worked as movement director for Theatr Chorea’s Oratorium project inŁódź, Poland in 2011 and has co-choreographed residential site-specific and stage productions for Earthfall Education and Outreach. Lara WardWIn 2012 she undertook many site specific projects, including a collaboration with Chloe Loftus, creating ‘pop up’ performances for the Blue Lagoon Festival in Pembrokeshire and a photographic project with Keith Morris, at South Beach, Aberystwyth.

Whilst working as Community Dance Practitioner for Denbighshire, North Wales, she was a core member of the Dance Collective, performing site-specific improvised works and gallery collaborations with visual artists Femke Van Gent and Carlos Cortez. During three years work in Cheshire, she managed and developed a partnership between British Waterways, the Borough Council, and local colleges, to produce a waterways sculpture commission which won a British Urban Regeneration Award for best community project in 2006.



Open Space – Sunday 12th January

Response Time Open Space WOn Sunday 12th January audiences are invited to the Gas Gallery, Aberystwyth to a new performance of work created during a 48 hour challenge to produce performed responses to art currently on exhibition at the gallery.

Response Time is an on-going project which is responding to all exhibitions at the newly opened gallery. Performance makers participating are from a wide range of disciplines including theatre, storytelling, performance art and physical theatre. Each project is guided through the weekend by the producer Sandra Bendelow and by a guest curator who takes on the task of piecing together all the different responses into a seamless performance – this weekend’s project will be curated by Vivian Ezugha a student at Aberystwyth University’s School of Art.

The project mixes experienced performance makers with students from Coleg Ceredigion and Aberystwyth University and performers and writers from the community. The project focuses on allowing young and emerging artists to develop their work and performance skills in a supportive and friendly environment and offers audiences the chance to experience the art, space and environment through the eyes of these young and emerging artists.

Sandra Bendelow who produces the project for local company Scriptography Productions said, “This is the fourth response project at the Gallery and promises to be the most exciting project yet in response to the current OPEN exhibition which features over 60 works of art by 50 artists from Ceredigion. This really has been an amazing project, each time the space not only looks different as one would expect but it is a completely different creative environment. It’s a really exciting place to be for the weekend and the energy and passion everyone has for the project and the Gas Gallery means it becomes a creative hub. Though we never have any idea what will be produced – past ones have had a dancing girl trapped in a cupboard, an OCD tortoise, people have escaped from the art and become trapped in the art, a human glitter-ball! – we can promise audiences a fun evening of surprises, laughs and they will go away thinking about art a little differently,”

Performances are on Sunday 12th January 6PM and 8PM £5 (£3).

Response Time: Beneath the Surface – Call for participants

Hannah Pullen

Hannah Pullen

Following on from our two previous RESPONSE TIME projects, PILOT LIGHT and TRANSITIONS Scriptography Productions will be hosting a performed response to art, space and environment at the Gas Gallery, Park Avenue, Aberystwyth during the weekend of Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th November.

We welcome new participants to come along and take part in any capacity either in producing work alone or in collaboration with others. The weekend produces an eclectic mix of art-forms from text-based to physical, from performance art to audio drama and we are always looking to encourage new ways to participate in the weekend.

Participants need to be available through the weekend from 5pm on Friday through to Sunday 24th November and we do encourage participants to spend as much time as possible through the weekend at the Gas Gallery but required timings vary according to involvement so feel free to contact me if you wish to be involved but may not be available for the whole of the weekend.

In addition we are looking for performers to collaborate with other and to perform work written by other people so please contact us if you are interested in helping someone else to develop an idea for performance.

During the weekend we will provide you with a friendly, supportive and creative environment to help you develop your ideas and the opportunity to work alongside more experienced artists and performance makers.

If you are interested in simply popping in to see what we get up then please feel free to call into the Gas Gallery at any time during the weekend during opening hours Saturday 11-5 and Sunday 11-2.

If you are would like more information please contact us scriptographyproductions@gmail.com

If you would like to come along to see the work developed during the weekend we will be sharing it with audiences on Sunday 24th November. There will be two performances at 6PM and 8PM.

Transitions – New work and new friends

Vivian Ezugha responding to Flicker by Ben Partridge. Image by Keith Morris

Vivian Ezugha responding to Flicker by Ben Partridge. Image by Keith Morris

During the weekend of 23rd – 25th October  the second Response project took place at the Gas Gallery in Aberystwyth. 18 participants arrived at 5PM on the Friday and were given
48 hours to produce a performed response
to the Transitions and Collaborations exhibitions at the Gas Gallery, the space
and the environment around the Gas Gallery.

The weekend saw a flurry of creative conversations – earnest conversations, supportive conversations, reassuring conversations – from them emerged friendships and new creative collaborations both equally important. Words floated in the air, were strewn around the gallery and written in a notebook on the staircase.

There was lots of noise – engineered noise to make a soundscape for a movement piece, a lyre, music, singing and laughter. New art was created and the art in the gallery was re-projected, using the reflection of an i-phone, into different spaces. Some art was re-projected onto other art and some art was hidden from prying eyes. We again opened up spaces not used before in the gallery and once again we locked a man in a cupboard but also we locked a dancing girl in a cupboard and abandoned her to dance forever.

It was interesting to see which art and spaces proved inspirational for the participants, Dance or Constanza and  Untitled by Jo Hounsome featured in more than one, interestingly more people chose to respond to the gallery spaces, the dark night and story weather became a feature of many of the works.

Beyond the beginnings of art and theatre which emerged, as with Pilot light, the most exciting part of the Transitions weekend was to see the impact on young, emerging artists seeing them present work to the public for the first time, seeing them gain confidence in their artistic practices, seeing them try out new ways of working and seeing them form new partnerships and collaborations all of which will grow and strengthen beyond the creative excitement of creating work within 48 hours.

The next performed response project Response Time: Beneath the Surface will take place Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th November. Beneath the Surface will be responding to two exhibitions Catrin Webster – Along the Surface and Karen Robbie – A Personal Adventure.  The work will be shared with audiences for two performances on Sunday 24th November 6PM and 8PM. Please also feel free to call in during Gallery open hours Saturday 23rd November 11am – 5pm.

Information on the exhibitions and the Gas Gallery is available at the Celf Ceredigion Art website.

If you are interested in participating contact scriptographyproductions@gmail.com .

Response Time: Transitions – introducing the responders William Bock

William Bock Meeting III 2013 150 x 200 cm Pinhole Photograph

William Bock Meeting III 2013 150 x 200 cm Pinhole Photograph

William Bock lives and works in London and this year graduated with a Masters in Fine Art at City and Guilds of London Art School. His practice crosses disciplines of performance, scenography, painting, photography and video.

William’s work seeks to capture the ephemeral as a physical experience. He transforms everyday objects and spaces into cameras to document intimate moments, biographical worlds or encounters with others. Eggs, boxes and even rooms are turned into dark chambers with a rudimentary pinhole as aperture. Through this process the dark chamber becomes the medium between the event and the resultant image. The phantasmagoria of nineteenth century photography and the visual language found in his ancestral family photographs are foundations from which he construct new images that interrogate concepts of genealogy, memory and time.


“Rebecca Louis Collins and I talked all year about making some work together. When we heard about Response Time: Transitions at the Gas Gallery it seemed the perfect opportunity for us to collaborate again in unfamiliar territory. Having recently finished my MA in London, I will relish this focused time frame to experiment with ideas I have been developing in a new space and context.”

Response Time: Transitions – introducing the responders Hannah Pullen

spoonHannah Pullen loves to respond to life in as many ways as artistically possible. In her spare time she likes to cause mayhem with her art… initiating origami invasions of space, filling puddles with rubber ducks, and decorating anything that looks like it could do with a bit of glitter.

She is a second year Performing Arts student at Coleg Ceredigion and is currently working on a number of projects for the course including, a directors project which involves devising and directing a 15 minute performance, a solo physical theatre piece in which she is using Miranda July as inspiration, contemporary dance technique presentations considering Martha Graham and Merce Cunningham, and even attempting a Stanislavski approach to the character of Lady Macbeth (with influence from Game of Thrones Character, Cersei Lannister).

She is particularly interested in live art events; creating traces and images within theatre – and is in love with artists such as Franko B, and Marina Abramovic. She is also becoming increasingly interested in responding through movement; exploring relationship, environment and language through movement and dance – with heavy influence from Keersmaeker, Pina Bausch, and the structures of Mike Pearson’s “In all languages.”

Performances of Response Time: Transitions are Sunday 27th October 5.30PM, 7PM and 8.30PM at the Gas Gallery, Aberystwyth, Park Avenue. www.facebook.com/celfceredigionart

Response Time – Call for participants

Response Time: Pilot Light

Response Time: Pilot Light

Following the successful pilot project RESPONSE TIME: PILOT LIGHT we are inviting expressions of interest from performance makers to be involved in the next 48 hour
challenge taking place,

Friday 25th – Sunday 27th October

The project asks for participants to create a performed response to art, space and environment at the Gas Gallery working either alone or as part of a group. Participants are given 48 hours to develop short performances which are presented to an audience for three showings at 5.30PM, 7PM and 8.30PM on the Sunday evening.

The pilot project RESPONSE TIME: PILOT LIGHT took place Friday 20th September – Sunday 22nd September. Words, images and footage from the weekend is available at the Celf Ceredigion Art Facebook page

The response project on Friday 25th – Sunday 27th October will feature two exhibitions Transitions (work by post-graduates students from Aberystwyth University School of Art)  and Collaborations: Aberystwyth Paper Press Print and will be curated by Branwen Davies.

If you are interested in participating please send a brief profile of you and your work with a covering email explaining why you are interested in being involved in the project. We are interested in hearing from performers, directors, performance artists, digital media artists, writers, film-makers, sound artists, musicians, dancers, story-tellers, spoken word. Please mention if you are interested in performing alone or would like to work collaboratively with other performance makers.

As part of the Response Time project we are also seeking guest curators for future projects. We are also seeking mentors to provide support, advice and direction to participants during the development weekend. If you are interested in the role of curator or mentor or would like further information then please contact Sandra Bendelow scriptographyproductions@gmail.com

The Response Time project is on ongoing project which will continue to work with Celf Ceredigion Art and the Gas Gallery but will also be seeking other suitable “spaces” in which to present performed responses to art, space and environment.

Please note that though we are exploring funding options the RESPONSE TIME project is currently an unfunded project so no fees are available for participation. Income generated from ticket sales will be used for future projects to cover production expenses and cover costs at the Gas Gallery to support www.celfceredigionart.org.uk